Saturday, May 3, 2014

You Took the Challenge!

Welcome to the Visit Florida Strength and Flexibility Challenge! Over the next 8 weeks we will be working on creating the habits that will lead to greater strength and endurance, flexibility, and a leaner body mass. Those include regular exercise, stretching, and optimum nutrition. 

Along the way, you'll learn the fundamentals of how to shed body fat, become more flexible, and improve your muscle tone and strength. And, you'll also learn how to establish the habits that create those outcomes every single day, so you can keep achieving great goals that make your life amazing.

Thank you for coming yesterday for your initial assessment. Soon, you'll receive information related to the goal you set, and you may hear from me now and then to check in with you. Please feel free to reach out to me, as well, and let me know how it is going!

Here is what you can expect:

  • Customized and general information about your goal, whether it is flexibility, strength/endurance, or decreasing your body fat.
  • A morning Daily Dose message for healthy motivation to start your day.
  • Weekly tips, education, links, and news about area events that may be of interest. These will come in a weekly email that will also link back to this page for additional resources.
If at any time you are receiving too much email, just reply to let me know!

This site has been developed as an online resource for you, so visit often for tips, links to resources, motivation, and reminders. For now, check out the pages set aside for each goal, and ask yourself: "What can I do today to move closer to my goal?" Remember, we don't have to get it right, we just have to get it started!

If you have questions, leave a comment or email me, the Challenge Coach, Healthy Heather: heather (at) wellnesswithoutpity (dot) com.

Welcome to the challenge, and have fun!


  1. This is an eight-week challenge running from May 7 – June 27, 2014.
  2. Participants will set a goal to improve their strength, flexibility, or body fat.
  3. Participants who meet their goal will receive 4 Will's Bills.
  4. Must be present on May 7 to record initial benchmarks and June 27 to record final benchmarks.
  5. Flexibility will be assessed with the following tests: shoulder reach, side bend, sit-and-reach, hip flexor extension, and inner thigh stretch.
  6. Strength will be assessed with the following tests: push-ups (for repetition), sit-ups (for repetition), wall sit (for time), bicep curl (for repetition), and plank (for time).
  7. Body fat will be assessed by using a hand-held body fat measurement device.
  8. Improvements will be judged according to whether the participant has made progress in becoming more flexible, stronger, or more lean.
  9. Assignment of Will’s Bucks will be awarded based on the participant’s improvement and completion of the challenge.

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