Demonstration Resources

These video and photo resources are provided to demonstrate how to properly do each of the assessments we are using for the Strength and Flexibility goals.


How to Do a Plank

 How to do a Sit-Up


How to Do a Wall Sit

How to Do a Push-Up


The following flexibility tests are being done for flexibility. Grab a friend and see how flexible you are!

Shoulder Flexibility

With left hand, hold a ruler so left thumb is just at the one-inch mark. Bend left arm behind back so ruler points toward head. Now reach right hand up and over right shoulder, grabbing ruler as close to left hand as you can. To measure, pull ruler up with right hand without moving fingers. Write down the number your right hand has reached and subtract an inch to get the results for the left shoulder. (You can also try this test without a ruler to see if you can touch or clasp hands.) Repeat on right side.

Good: Hands touch or are within 3 to 5 inches of each other.

Fair: Hands are within 6 to 8 inches of each other.

Poor: Hands are more than 8 inches from each other.

Side Bend
Holding a pen in right hand, stand with feet hip-width apart with your back and butt (and heels, if possible) against a wall. Reach left arm up and overhead against wall as you side bend to the right; slide right hand down thigh toward knee. Place a pen mark as far down the leg as you can reach while keeping shoulder blades flush with wall. That's the score for your left oblique. Repeat on the left side.

Good: Pen mark is at mid-knee or lower.

Fair: Pen mark is at top of knee.

Poor: Pen mark is higher than knee.

Hamstring Stretch

Sit on floor with back and head against wall, legs extended, knees pressing against floor, feet flexed. Rounding the spine, extend arms toward toes by hinging forward at hips.

Good: Hands can reach your ankles or feet.
Fair: Hands can reach your mid-shin or just above ankle.
Poor: Hands can reach only to area between your knee and mid-shin.

Hip Flexor
Stand with feet hip-width apart, left hand holding the back of a chair for balance. Bend right knee 90 degrees up to hip height, then bring it out to right side. Repeat on right side.

Good: Thigh is parallel to floor; knee is directly out to the side

Fair: Thigh is parallel; knee is slightly in front of body.

Poor: Thigh is lower than parallel; knee is slightly in front of body.

 Inner Thighs

Sit on floor with knees bent, legs together and feet flat. Lower knees out to sides as far as possible while keeping soles together. Clasp feet with both hands and pull heels as close to body as possible.

Good: Heels are 4 inches from your groin.

Fair: Heels are 5 to 8 inches from your groin.

Poor: Heels are 9 or more inches from your groin.

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